Okay, so what exactly is a bird garden?  It’s no garden I can tell you.  Instead it’s a market where people sell birds (not to eat you sicko).  Think of it like a pet street, but only for birds.  Don’t know exactly why I decided to come here.  I was bored out of my mind one Saturday, and decided to do some exploring in Hong Kong.

And Bam.

I ended here, at the bird garden.


Getting here is pretty simple.  Get off at the Prince Edward station, find exit B1 and simply walk for about 15 minutes. You should run into a sign that says this:

Continue on this street and you will see this entrance:


Now I am not scared of birds.  But man, there were TOO MANY birds here that I was getting a bit paranoid.  Both the caged birds and free birds were busy chirping at each other.  My ears were burning.

There a lot of different kinds of birds, parrots and sparrows, plus a bunch of other types that I have never seen before.


I also a couple buying a stack of sparrows, and I realized that some of these birds are bought in bulk to be set free.  It literally says that on their cages.  I think it’s a religious thing where people will buy these birds and set them free in order to earn goodwill.

I just hope the shop owners are not recapturing the same bird.  That’s kind of sad from a bird’s point of view right?

Yeah, to me this is a one and done place.  If you like birds maybe you will come twice?

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 12 2015


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