STEAKKKKKKKKK!  Can’t go wrong with STEAAAKKK!! Especially when it is Australian STEAKKKK.  Hehe.  you know that I am super excited about this post.  One of the best steakhouses I have been to!  Very delicious.  Totally recommend for you steak lovers.



Just look at that nice, tender, juicy steak.  Yum.  There are soooo many kind’s of steak you can choose from.  From younglins (young cows) to mature (old cows), you decide what you want.  Apparently, the old cows cost more. I don’t know, I ordered the younglin.  It was still pretty good.

And it was pretty big.  400G.  Thank god I ordered medium rare.  I recall once my friend ordered a huge steak and wanted it well done.

That piece of meat was dry as hell.  And of course, as history will say he was not able to finish it.  But enough of him.

Back to Prime Steak House.



Apparently this is the best steakhouse in sydney since 1999.  I can’t disagree, because it’s really, really good.  So juicy.

So good.


Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on August 26 2015


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  1. yummm that looks like a good’un! Im a sucker for a steak too

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