I apologize but this is going to be a super short post because…I don’t have much to write about.  All I know is USD20 ALL YOU CAN EAT CLAMS! Booya.

I think i can just end the post here.  But I’ll try to dig up some more information y’all (gangsta talk).  Ok, there’s a map of where the restaurant is located:

I don’t have the english name.  Trying my best to find the english name.  Will update when I find it.


All i know is the clams were pretty good (with the cheese and whatever else is on it).  It was also dam hot so don’t wear much.

Oh I just found the name.  It’s called Moncu.  It’s suppose to be a chain restaurant, so I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to find???

haha just try it it’s goooooood.

Written from Seoul, Westin on June 20 2015


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