I bit my tongue the other day…it hurts and it’s really sore..sigh. Oh well, that doesn’t really have anything to do with this post but apparently if you bite your tongue it means that you have a lot of “hot air”.  I downed an entire bottle of leung cha afterwards.  Felt good. Anyways, why are we talking about that?  We should be talking about this awesome meat shop called Joy Hing!


Joy Hing is apparently one of the more popular restaurants in Hong Kong, when it comes to bbq meat.  And I love meat, so I had to come here to try.

I ordered the dish that they are famous for which was the barbeque rice (cha siu) along with chicken.  Because you cannot go wrong with chicken.

Yes the barbeque pork was damn delicious.  I think next time I will come a bit earlier (We started eating around 2) so that I can order more stuff, like the soup.  I don’t know why, the later I eat now the less hungry I get.  Feel like my body is just digesting itself after awhile.

I will be back, Joy Hing.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 29 2015


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