Pirata is a tapas restaurant (duh look at the title).  it’s located in the french concession area (I think?).  The location is as follows:

English address 136 Xinle Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu, Xuhui district

Chinese address 徐汇区新乐路136号, 近襄阳北路


Yeah…I don’t maybe it is.  I am really bad with my geography and overall general sense of direction.  Anyways, make reservations because the last few times I went it was super packed.  Thank god my coworker made reservations.

I need to get into this making reservation making business.

So we ordered a lot of tapas dishes suhc as the Egg + salmon + pancake dish (I am sure there is a cooler name for it):


We also go the asparagus and egg dish (really good highly recommend it):


and my favorite! Beef…on….pitas? small pitas? aiya..really need to jot down the names of the food that I eat:


It’s a nice restaurant, although it’s a bit on the smaller end. I think that’s what the atmosphere is really good, since everyone is in close proximity of each other.  I guess you can say it’s a bit cozyyy?? hehe.

The bar was also interesting, they had a lot of little toys hanging around.  Yeah that was pretty creative.  Not really sure how the drinks as I ordered beer only.  Not a big fan of Sangria I realized.


we will probably be back pirata!

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 26 2015

Categories: Shanghai

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