Airlie Beach


Long weekend in Australia, you know what that means?

Vacation time!! It was chilly in Sydney so we decided to head up to Queensland to get some sun and heat.  Thus, we ended up in a place called Arlie Beach.

Yes random ass locations that we choose to go to.  We landed at Hamilton Island around 1, took a ferry to Arlie Beach Port, and didn’t get into our hotel till 2?


2As you can tell I was starving like no tomorrow.   We dropped our bags in our room and was deciding where to eat next.

Yes we could’ve walked to the town which is only 10 minutes away.  We could have also taken a cab if we were really desperate.

All these options sounds really good now that I am typing it out in this post. But at that time, we were physically and mentally tired with no food in our system.


So to hell with it, let’s just eat downstairs at the hotel restaurant, called Clipper Restaurant.  Side note – just checked out their website, they are suppose to be an award winning restaurant… interesting.

Anyways, we got there and wow fuck the food the view is simply gorgeous.  The resort is located at the tip of the mainland, so you have a great view of the adjacent islands, clear water and the boats that were just floating right.  Damn, the quality of the food don’t matter no more the view itself is worth it.

BUT! the food was not bad!

Ordered the burger, quite nice.  Went really well with my little creatures beer.  So not too bad for a place with nice views.


Because you know, usually these places serve such shit food that you end up not eating.

But Clipper, you have exceeded my expectations.

Man that gorgeous view.  I am going to be leaving this place in about 2 hours time, going to miss it.

Sigh.  I love doing nothing vacations.

Written from Airlie Beach, Coral Reef Resort on June 13, 2016

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