I really need to thank my local friend for providing me with an awesome local saudi experience!

Otherwise I wouldn’t know where to go..probably just stay at the hotel because I am a lazy ass.

He asked me if I am okay with Saudi Food, and of course I said yes (why would I say no?).  He took me to this restaurant called Najd Village.  The interior wasssss so nice and big.  It’s like we were eating in a big back yard.



Luckily it wasn’t too hot.


The seats were really comfortable, you sit on the floor but you get these massive cushions where you can sleep on.

I was told you can sleep in some of the restaurants.

I would have slept here till, unfortunately they had an 2 hour time limit.

Smart bastards.

We ordered this lamb / rice dish, as well as a chicken saucy dish.  Don’t ask me what it’s called, I didn’t order.  It was gooooooood.


In Saudi though, you don’t use fork and knives and spoon.  You use your hand.  And it’s not like you each get your own dish….you share this one big dish with everyone and you just scoop the rice and meat together on your hand..haha…yeah…I know its the norm here..but it’s kind of disgusting when you see everyone’s hand full of saliva and you are just digging into the same dish..after a while I asked for my own plate lol.

I couldn’t do it.


But really cool experience!

Thanks for taking me out!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 22, 2016


  1. I feel you when you had to ask for a plate. What I usually do is try to immediately separate an imaginary portion for myself or take some in front of me. Of course they won’t get it anymore. 🙂

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