At first I thought the VDNKh was a park lol.

I was going to set this post as a “park” post, but after reading wikipedia this is actually an exhibition centre.  Dumbass me.  I should have known, given that there were a lot of “exhibitions” while I was there.  Thank goodness for wikipedia.



VDHKh stands for “Vystavka Dostizheniy Narodnogo Khozyaystva” and if you are like me, you would not have idea what that stands for.  Well let me translate this for you  “Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy” (again just shamelessly copying from wikipedia).  This place was recommended by my colleague, and since I had a free Sunday I decided to venture out to this place.

What an awesome place.  Totally recommend it.

Firstly, it’s super easy to get here. You just get off the metro station called “VDNKh”.  See how it easy that is? To make it even easier for you, it’s located on the orange line (number 6) north of the brown line.  You can’t miss it.

And you can’t get loss.  I mean come on, I got there relatively easily.  So you will as well.

And if all fails just look for this tall ass monument:



Once you get off the station you immediately some good old communism structures.  You know, tall monuments.  Cement monuments. Monuments of the past leaders etc.  Keep walking until you see this enormous, impressive gate. You can’t miss it.  Walk in (it’s free) and start to enjoy the magnificent architecture around you.  I believe each building is an “exhibition” of some sorts, selling different kind of products.  There could be electronics, day to day items,  etc.  I didn’t go in any of them because it seemed like you had to pay.  Or at least I think you do.

I don’t know.  The security guards there were pretty scary looking so I said fuck this shit, I am going to find me a bench to read.


And find me a bench to read I did.  Near a really cool looking fountain.  Read about 2 chapters of my Atlantis Gene Novel (which btw is an awesome read).  Yeah, a sunday well spent.


And for those that have kids, don’t worry. There’s a theme park =)

Written from Radisson, St. Petersburg on July 31 2016


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