Firstly I apologize for the quality of my pictures.

They are shit, let’s just get it over with.  Taking pictures with your iphone in the dark is just a horrible idea, and the product is just shit.  But until I invest in a proper camera (yes I have said this for many years now) you will just have to bear with me.

Now big question, why the hell have I never been to Cafe Sydney? Good food, good atmosphere, good view.  Seriously? I have not been here?  Must come more often…
1Writing this post in Shenzhen, and man is the internet here ever so shit.  I can’t even google Cafe Sydney.  I had to baidu that shit.  Man baidu I hate you so much.

Not user friendly at all.

This was a pretty small restaurant, as I think one half is used as a bar, the other half is used as a restaurant.  The half with the restaurant has the nice view, makes sense to me.  You enjoy you food a lot more when you have a good view right? The view is perfect, it’s of the harbor bridge and on a very clear night it’s just absolutely gorgeous.



The food was not too shabby either! I got the toasted tandoori salmon…not sure why.  Think I was craving some Tandoori at that particular moment.  But it was delicious, and the best thing was I was not even bloated.  That’s the good thing about eating seafood, flat stomach.

Sort of.

Written from Shenzhen, Sheraton Dameisha on June 30 2016


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