I really like Xi’an. I really do. It’s a beautiful city, not too hectic, and is full of history.  I don’t mind coming here again for vacation because I only stayed for 3 days, which was wayyyy too short.  But you know, the food here I JUST DON’T LIKE.  Come’on!  Their most famous dish is Bread Soaked In Lamb Soup.



How to describe this in more detail so that it gives you more context? mmm…how about…

Bread…soaked in..lamb soup.  At least there was a piece of meat in there.  There was another meal incident in Xi’an where I ordered “beef” noodles.  It turns out to just be noodles in “beef” soup.  There was no beef.  F*ck you restaurant.  Not even gonna bother blogging about you.B

Back to the bread soaked in lamb soup, an annoying aspect of this dish was that we were given 10 pieces of bread and we had to rip it into smaller pieces ourselves. So, I have to pay you and have to make my own meal.  Why am I even paying you.  Dammit why!

3By the way this was the restaurant we went to….if you ever venture out to Xi’an and want to find it.  It’s located in the “Muslim Street”, it’s near a subway station so just google it.  There’ s a lot of restaurants there.

How about the taste of the bread soaked in lamb soup?  That’s one damn ass long dish name by the way.  Okay so the first taste, yeah it was super flavorful and I loved it.  And then after that, the taste was just too intense.  I couldn’t taste anything else.  Could not taste the lamb, could not taste the bread (okay well you can’t really taste the bread to begin with).  The damn thing was also super oily.

Xi’an people love their food to be spicy.  And Oily.  Really oily.

Yeah I can’t do it.  My stomach does not allow me to digest such oily shit.  Actually, it wasn’t digesting at all.  Which is probably too much details.

Yeah….if you ask me what is a must eat in Xi’an, I’ll probably say McDonald’s.  I really didn’t like the food here.

But then I am not from Xi’an, so I should complain.


We also ordered noodles.  Probably the best dish here.  It was spicy.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on March 27, 2016


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