Got off my fat ass to do the Manly Scenic Walk.  Actually, we were suppose to walk from Manly to Spit bridge, because it’s one of the more famous walks in Sydney.  But because we are tired, lazy asses we decided to just do the Manly scenic walk.  Okay, maybe it was just me that was the tired, lazy ass.   To my credit, it 4 in the afternoon, and the walk to spit was about 3- 4 hours…so yeah. That shit ain’t happening.


But hey, I aint complaining.  Actually I am complaining.  But, anyways the point I am trying to make is that the manly scenic walk ( was still damn gorgeous.  But fuck, it took us two hours to complete it.  And damn, we didn’t even do the entire manly scenic walk, but we did about 60% of it.  Close ENOUGH.

As expected on a nature walk, you see a lot of trees, you see the ocean, and you get a great view of the city.

No shit.

Looking at it’s history, this walk was opened in 1988.  Yeah, don’t really give a damn about that.

You can start this torturous walk from Manly Beach (there’s a map so you know where to start you foos), and it’s not a hard walk either.  There were some uphills but nothing too crazy.

The walk will take you through bushlands, the Sydney Harbor National Park, and of course a great view of the ocean.  Great way to spend a sunday afternoon. Sort of, if you are like a fatss like me.

Next time I will definitely try the walk from Manly to Spit Bridge, as everyone is talking so much awesomeoness about it.

But hey, this experience wasn’t too shitty either.


Written from Sydney, Four Points on March 16 2016


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