An expensive yet average calibre restaurant  Sounds kind of harsh yeah? WELL TOO BAD CALYPSO THAT YOU ARE BOTH EXPENSIVE AND AVERAGE.



This restaurant is by ShangRi La (or maybe even part of it), so it partly explains the pricing of the menu in this establishment.  I ordered the pork chop because it was a “must order” per the waitress.  Okay, well yeah it wasn’t bad.  Actually I would even say it was good.  If it didn’t COST ME 300+ RMB (50USD).  That’s some expensive ass pork chops there.

At least the portions were big.  I give you that.  mmm. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

I just know I was not particularly impressed with the food given the price we were paying.


Blahs, but why am I complaining.  I should be blessed I even had the opportunity to travel and eat in Shanghai.

Should be more humble about it.

BUT 50USD FOR PORKCHOPS?  I can get a sirloin damn steak with that kind of money.  Oh man, that steak in Australia was damn delicious by the way.  Can’t wait till I go back.

The meatballs were damn delicious though.


Yeah I am pretty tired of Shanghai now.  Need to go back home.
Bye Calypso!

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on April 13 2016


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