Is that a bloody mary drink, with a chicken wing, slider and a shrimp in it? Bloody fucking hell! Okay I really need to stop those lame ass jokes.

But Bloody Hell! This drink is called the Bloody Hell!!

Which of course, I did NOT order it.  Looking back, I had no idea why.  What a dumbass I was back then.  Well, at least my co workers ordered it.

Apparently this famous drink is what this restaurant is known for.  Oh, this restaurant is also called Bloody Mary’s by the way. Bloody Hell.


The waiter explained it to us like this: they make their own tomato juice so you damn better order a bloody mary.  So we obliged.  No sorry I didn’t oblige because I am a rebel at heart, so I cant’ really tell you guys how it tastes liek because  I didn’t try the drink so I don’t really know how it tastes.  Wow try reading that out loud haha.

But I have been told the slider was pretty damn good…… The website for this restaurant is here.

The food here is more American-ish, meaning burgers and fries.  You know, pub food. Which I fucking love.

And because I fucking love pub food  I ordered the classic beef burger.

It was okay.

Nothing really special about it.


This was my okay, nothing special cheese burger.

I think at the end of the night, I concluded that I would go to this place for drinks, and not so much the food.  Because the food was okay, nothing special.

Well, maybe we will order the chicken wings next time, apparently that one is pretty good.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 9, 2015


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