2016 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – April 2016

April 1 – Got PRANKED HARD

April 3 – Bubble Soccer!

April 4 – Sweeping the tombs

April 5 – never taking the 8AM flight to shanghai again

April 6 – Rainy day in Shanghai

April 7 – Rainy day in Shanghai

April 8 – Shitty Fatty Shanghai Food

April 9 – Always good to catch up

April 10 – Shanghai Shenhua.  Black Whistle!!

April 11 – Just do your own thing

April 12 – Gloomy Day in Shanghai

April 13 – need to be more proactive

April 14 – Think before you speak

April 18 – Stressing about someone is just having a thief in your mind

April 30 – failed in my thoughts for april lol..but fun week in Amsterdam

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