Umm…yeah…this is a pagoda…I only took two pictures.. One of the pagoda and one of the main doors behind the pagoda..

It’s a little pagoda.   Little “Wild” Goose Pagoda.  Why must have the such damn weird names.


There’s also a “Big” Wild Goose Pagoda.   Again, why “wild” goose.

Does that mean there’s a “little “captured” goose pagoda.  I don’t get it.  We did go to both the big and little wild goose pagoda, but I was really tired that day so I ended up just taking photos of the little wild goose pagoda.

man, little wild goose pagoda.  That’s a mouthful.


You can also climb up the stairs to the top of the little wild goose pagoda.

But you have to pay.

Why I am paying to go up the stairs.  I mean yeah the insides of the little wild goose pagoda would probably be neat….but….no thank you.

For those that are wondering, this little wild goose pagoda ( is a buddhist temple, that existed many many years ago (I think all the way back to the Tang Dynasty).  It’s really old, which I like because that means the modern people haven’t done much to it.

It has that old school taste.

So that’s cool.. I really have nothing else to add to this experience.  Not being sour, it’s just that…it’s a little wild goose pagoda…

Written from Shanghai, Renaisance on March 31, 2016


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I never got to see this little pagoda up close while travelling China

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