Alright, bring on the haterade.  I am in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia yes.  And yes, I am having a pizza. Problem?  I just love pizza, although my stomach tells me I should lay it off because I am having trouble digesting anything nowadays .

But it’s not going to stop me from eating some delicious pizza.

La Piaza is a restaurant that is ranked 86 out of 382 restaurants.  I have no idea how the ranking is done at TripAdvisor.    But to tell you the truth I didn’t really research it before hand.



Nah, I went because it was right in my hotel (Sheraton) =p.

Yes I was lazy.  And yes I am in Riyadh, so I probably should have ventured out more.  But give me a break, it was my first day here, I was jet lagged, it is super hot here, and this place is not pedestrian friendly.

It’s not like I can just go out onto the streets, walk around and find a restaurant that I fancy.  No, I need to call a driver (in this instance, Uber) to get me the restaurant of choice.  Then I would have had to call another uber to go back to the hotel.


Listen, my data roaming plan costs money okay?  I ain’t no billionaire with a data plan that allows me to roam 24/7 constantly.   And if the restaurant didn’t have any wifi then well, I would have been super screwed.  And that would not be fun.

Especially since I don’t know the place that well.

Back to the pizza shall we?

Yesss this pizza was gooooood.  I expected something crappy since we are in Riyadh (meaning I didn’t think I could find authentic italian here).  But this pizza was delicious.


I ordered the pepperoni pizza because I haven’t had this classic one in a long time.  So I definitely was satisfied after this meal.  If you do by chance stay at the Sheraton in Riyadh, I highly recommend you check out this restaurant at least once.

It will be worth your time.

And no, they don’t serve alcohol here.

Written from Riyadh, Sheraton on May 14 2016


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