Really beginning to like this idea of a stopover in Vancouver whilst on my way to Toronto.

Really like it. Firstly, its four hours shorter from Hong Kong (and yes that 4 hours makes a big difference). Secondly, I can use the couple days to kill my jet lag so that when I go to Toronto I am ready to party! (Not really). Lastly, get to see families and friends.1




OH! and of course to see the lovely city of Vancouver. Yeh I can see why people say Vancouver is a great place to live. It’s chillax, you got mountains, got the waters, its not too hectic, clean air blahblah. Yeh I can see it.

I can also see that this is a great place to beat my jet lag (one of the main goals). Landed around 2PM, dropped my bags off at the hotel, and went straight to Stanley Park. why? because if I stayed at the hotel I would have slept like a baby.


Actually as  I am typing this right now I want to sleep, REALLY badly. I had 9+ hours of sleep last night, but I guess it’s not good sleep. My body is fucking screaming why the fuck are you sleeping during the day and not at night? I have to remind my body that I am in Canada now.

Asshole Jet Lag.



Anyways back to Stanley Park. I have not been here for like 12+ years. Last time I came here I was still a toddler (I think), which means I have no recollection of this place.  A short description of this place that I stole directly from the City of Vancouver Website (see link above):

Explore the 400-hectare natural West Coast rainforest and enjoy scenic views of water, mountains, sky, and majestic trees along Stanley Park’s famous Seawall. Discover kilometres of trails, beautiful beaches, local wildlife, great eats, natural, cultural and historical landmarks, along with many other adventures. The park offers a wide range of unforgettable experiences for all ages and interests, including Canada’s largest aquarium.


Unfortunately, I was only able to spend about an hour here since I had dinner commitments. It’s raining like a motherfucker today so I won’t be able to go again. Plus I have to see a buddy today. So next time, will spend more time. Will even bring a book, and read.



Yeh there’s quite a bit to see here. Like a lot of trees. Also took a stroll by the waters, saw a lot of boats. You know the usual rich people shit.

Would I recommend coming to Stanley Park?

Hells Yes!

Written from Vancouver, Westin Grand Hotel on August 31, 2016


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