Karlson Restaurant is my second Ginza Project Restaurant that I had in Moscow.

Again Ginza Project is a company that owns a lot of restaurants in Moscow. I think they are all suppose to be reputable and good, although my first experience was not so good.


So to be honest was a bit hesitant when I was told we were going to another Ginza Project restaurant.

Like all things in life, there are always the bad and the goods. And this particular Ginza Project, was the good. They had good food, good view (you get a fantastic view of the city), service was…okay. I also had great company that night so it probably contributed to awesome times in Karlson.

The head chef here is called Carlo Grecu and is known as one of the best Italian Chefs around.


This is an italian place? damn I didn’t even know. I didn’t know because my appetizers and main weren’t really that “italian”. I don’t even recall seeing pasta on the menu. Weird.

I am not able to tell you the names of my appetizer and main because I don’t remember it. My main was a steak so I guess you don’t need to have a fancy name for that. The appetizer yah I truly don’t know. Some rice shit….

tumblr_obe0dwcRg31rz57lco5_1280I tried my best to find the name on their menu..but guess what. Their food menu was not advertised on their website. Or maybe I am just a complete idiot and was unable to navigate to the menu on their website. I don’t think their website is that user friendly.

But this was a great place. Worth coming back!

tumblr_obe0dwcRg31rz57lco6_1280Written from Swissotel, Moscow on August 4 2016


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