Kinda funny…….

. I was in Sydney for the christmas holidays. It’s been two days, and all I have been eating was asian food.


I think not!

For this particular post, I will be writing about my Korean Food experience at this restaurant called “Ryde“.

To be honest I remembered that day I did not want to go out. I wanted to watch my basketball.

Yes that’s very important especially since I am in a competitive fantasy league. But then someone said the magic words.

Pork bone soup.

Done. I am going!

Love pork bone soup. It was fucking delicious.

Of course I think the ones in Korea is still better, but hey that’s korea and this is Australia. Cannot complain right?

We also ordered pan cakes. It was also good.


Another kick ass thing about Korean cuisine, is unlimited starters! Yeahhhhhh man.

Kimchi for the win!

Love kimchi.

Love pork bone soup.

What a winning lunch meal.


Never thought I find great kick ass Korean meals in Sydney. You know, I thought I be indulging in burgers and ribs an shit (which I will be hopefully) but this was a nice change!

Yep. But okay, enough of the Asian Food

Written from Sydney, Home on December 28, 2016

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