My favorite pork grilling place closed down. I don’t even know what it was called. So sad.

But what’s even more messed up is… I am not 100% sure if it actually did close down…there was something off with the place….like the colors of the food….

or maybe because the fucking signature dish is NO LONGER THERE ASSHOLES.

DAMN MAN. The previous place had this awesome marinated pork shit that you grill and when you put it into your mouth it was just damn delicious. If  I didn’t have it before then I would have said this place was decent.

But sorry. I have a comparison. And you just ain’t up to par. Going to find another pork grilling place next time.




Yes the pork is red. It’s their stupid sauce. It’s not blood if that’s what you are wondering foo.

We tried their “special” marinated pork, and when it came they just dumped everything onto our grill like we were some fucking zoo animals!!!

haha. Joking actually I think that’s how they serve it.

BUT again the pork was JUST missing SOMETHING!!


Even though I was a bit disappointed, eating at Hongdae never disappoints. There’s not much tourists here, and there ain’t no expats ( at least very minimal). Love it. Love the local experience.

Always grab a couple drinks here.

Always good times.


Pork neck. Interesting debate that we had. This is supposed to be pork cheeks.

Pigs got no neck.


You think about that and let me know what you think.



I miss you…old pork grilling place…come back to me…let me know where you are..

I will come..

and devour your deliciousness.


That sounds kind of creepy.

Written from Seoul, Van Gogh Cafe on March 18, 2017

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