2017 Ponders


May 1 – new month!

May 2 – raptors got destroyed by cavs. I hate lebron. And wow crosby … Concussed?

May 3 – life boss exploded :(…n there was a fucking lizard in my apartment..and what the fuck no water i cant flush my shit dammit

May 5 – man, spending so much money

May 6 – what a great night

May 7 – spaghetti house…alright not too bad

May 8 – there goes the raptors season #firecasey

May 9 – how do people manage so many social media accounts? my head is about to explode!

May 11 – what a fail…didn’t even tag my last post..

May 12 – Life boss told me to change up my titles so I did. didn’t sleep till 3am.

May 13 – Partied a little too hard

May 14 – no more beer. on my way to hyderabad

May 15 – in Hyerabad…can’t wait to go home already. And I really don’t miss this commute.

May 16 – Argh…sick in Hyderabad

May 17 – I have no thoughts today

May 18 – My instagram hashtags were not working today. Damn annoying.

May 19 – multiple power outages at the hotel. wtf. and blackhawk down is such an awesome movie.

May 21 – Father back in Canada. have the whole place to myself again.

May 22 – trying to live without AC. trying to save money!

May 23 – rise from all the negativity

May 25 – New day!

May 26 – drank like crazy

May 27 – drank like crazy

May 28 – Did not drink today

May 30 – That was a good game! and holiday!

May 31 – And I sprained my ankle from ball. It was a pretty shitty month. Also NTS -> buy proper bball shoes

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