We had lunch at this place called “The Newport“.

Isn’t that the place from the OC? I really liked the OC. lol.

But yeah….we originally did not plan to come here for food, we wanted to go to another place but that place was super full and we would have had to wait forever so f*ck that.

Let’s go somewhere else. So glad we did.

We ordered two beautiful pizzas. It’s REALLY GOOD. Even kicked Piccolo’s ass (is what we decided at the moment). Damn the crust was soooo good. LOVED IT.

I really want the pizza right now.



At newport you don’t just order from one restaurant. You have the choice to order from 5 – 6 restaurants. this includes a pizza place, a seafood place, a wings place. There’s a couple more that I don’t remember. Oh there is a cafe I think as well.

What a gorgeous day to just chill and have a beer. Sometimes it’s good when your original plans don’t follow through, you will be surprised with what you get instead.

Awesome time, awesome pizza!

A bit far though…








Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 10, 2017

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