Hong Kong


We are poor…

We spent too much money.  But unfortunately we still have to eat. Yes, we want to save money but we still have to eat. I wish there was this button I can just press to stop eating so I can save money.

So what can we do? Let’s eat something cheaper you stupid dumbass.

And cheap is what we did at this thai restaurant called Nitaya Thai House.  It’s located in Tai Hang (address in the link) and it actually has some pretty good reviews.

Score! Edible food at a reasonable price. Total bill came to about 350HKD for two people which is pretty good given that we ordered quite a bit. What did we get?

  • We got the green curry and tom yum gong. Both pretty good.#hongkong #hkig #food#hongkong #hkig #food
  • Obligatory veggie dish because of le life boss. Pretty crunchy. Not bad.#hongkong #hkig #food
  • Chicken skewers was supposed to be my appetizer because I was fucking hungry waiting for le life boss.  I needed to chew on something. Little did I know the appetizer really means “I will come when you are full from the meal”. Assholes! But…okay..it was pretty good too…haha.#hongkong #hkig #food

Verdict? If I want cheap good thai food that is close to Le Life Boss place of sleep then this is definitely an option in Tai Hang.

Wow something that is actually not shit in Tai Hang. Interesting.

#hongkong #hkig #food

#hongkong #hkig #food

#hongkong #hkig #food

Written from Seoul, Westin Chosun on April 28, 2017


  1. I’m always looking for a cheap Thai restaurant, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have one within a few minutes walk/drive/home delivery everywhere I lived. The food looks nice and flavorful.

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