First night in Bangkok.

Usually I stay in the hotel to eat in room dining but we are in Bangkok so fuck that I am going out to eat some delicious thai food! Terminal 21 was right beside my hotel so why not give that mall a lovely visit? Plus there’s going to be a lot of restaurant options.

AND I worked out for an hour so I was ready to eat some food (plus some carbs). Got to Terminal 21 and went all the way up to where the restaurants were. Have a zeed was the first restaurant that we saw, so instead of trying to overthink where we should eat we decided to have our first Bangkok dining experience there.

Sat down and I immediately was craving for coconut water. Why? Because we are in Thailand! that shit is supposed to be fresh as hell. But I wanted to make sure it was fresh so I asked the waitress whether they served fresh coconut water.

The waitress looked at me blankly and nodded. I didn’t think she understood my question, but whatever I like to take chances because I am a badass. I said yes okay give me one.


FML I should not be so confident next time as the coconut water was SUGARY as hell. Seriously if this is fresh coconut water then damn I am never having coconut water again, I suspect SUGAR was added to the drink. I was thirsty as hell afterwards so regardless to say I didn’t finish the drink.  Sigh I wanted a kick ass coconut water so bad.

For food we ordered pork neck, some glass noddle shrimp dish, pad thai and vegetables.







Didn’t eat much of the pad thai (above) because I am cutting back on carbs. Man it’s so hard to limit carbs in Bangkok, the curry + rice, the pad thai. How can one resist?

This is going to be a hard two weeks…

Food was not bad. Might even come back since the price is quite reasonable. Definitely will not order the coconut water though, was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to sweet for me!





Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 13 2017


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