Hong Kong


I have never blogged about Red Chicken in TST?

The hell? I have been here before…and I am certain I took pictures…or did I not? I remember having the meal with life boss too…

shitttttt…..it’s why I didn’t take much pictures of this place on my second go around….okay…well I only have two pictures to show for…and it has nothing to do with fried chicken haha.  And that’s because I had dinner with my Boss whom was Korean. He ordered two fancy dishes that I would never have ordered if I went by myself (because I didn’t know how to order it):

The first one is this cold noodle dish with snails. omg it was freaking delicious.


It was particularly good because it was cold and right now summer in Hong Kong is hot as fuck.

The second dish is some cheesy fried spicy chicken dish (I guess we did have chicken after all). Yah this was definitely spicy!


Afterwards we also ordered a original fried chicken dish because we were still hungry (had like 8 beers). Didn’t take a picture because again, I thought I had blogged about this place.

Sorry Red Chicken! I will come back again and update this post!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 21, 2017


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