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Why you should wake up early

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Here’s a confession. I LOVE TO WAKE UP EARLY. I can already see you night owls giving me a weird stare.  Listen. I used to love my nights too. The parties, the late night TV shots, late night chatting etc etc. Stuff you don’t get during the mornings. So I get you night owls. I really do .

But let me tell you something that I have discovered. Waking up EARLY in the morning is so much better than staying up at night.  Now this is just my opinion, and everyone is different no doubt. But if you are aging like me, and if you feel like you are always out of energy then waking up early might be the solution to allllll your problems.  Let me list out my top reasons why MORNINGS, are the way to go:

1 – You have more energy

You will get this result a lot if you googled this topic. And I can attest to this. I now wake up at around 530 every morning, and yes the initial shock of waking up before the sun is out is a killer. And is hard to master.

Before I would be super tired the whole day, and by 2PM I just want to hit the sack. My energy was at an all time low, I was sluggish, and I wasn’t efficient anything

Then I started waking up at 530AM and for whatever reason, my energy went up the whole day! No more 2PM crashes, no more sluggishness. I feel so refreshed everyday, it’s fantastic.

2 – You have more time to exercise

This is so true. Some people do exercise after work which is great. But for me, it has always been hard time to find ample time in the evening to do some exercises. Whether its having a dinner appointment, being too tired from work,  or simple laziness I just don’t work out as much as I liked to.

Once I started waking up at 530AM, I was able to get in at least 1 hour jogging session. Great for my fat ass!

3 – Quietness

Yeah maybe this is a stupid reason. It’s pretty quiet late at night too. So….yeah okay moving on.

4 – “Successful” people up super early

If you google a list of habits for today’s top CEOs / successful people, you can see a common trait is them waking up early. By waking up early you get to plan and strategize your day, create a to do list, check your emails. Basically, you get a head start on everyone else.

Granted, people have different definitions of “successful”. Does not necessarily have to be rich or be a CEO of a company. But hey, you want to learn from people that have done well with their life right? Copying some of their habits is a good way to start.

I really hope you all try this. It’s really not hard. If you are a night owl then try the following:

  • Go to sleep early (I go to bed 930 – 10PM)
  • If you can’t fall asleep that early, then just force yourself to be up very early one day (like 5AM). Guarantee you will be tired by 9PM.
  • No alcohol / caffeine! This disturbs your sleep and makes you not want to get up
  • Challenge yourself to not snooze

Love my mornings! My ultimate goal is to wake up at 5AM. See how long it takes me to get there!


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