You know those times when you got out with someone that is really good looking……….

Really hot, your friends are super jealous but they end up not satisfying you? Well that was exactly how I felt when I had lunch at this restaurant at the Tai Po market called Ping Kee.

The life boss said they had good reviews and she herself liked the meal, but like 30% of the time Life Boss was wrong about this place. It’s not like it was horrible, it just wasn’t SATSIFYING MEEEEEE.

Wet Market

Alright let’s list out what we ate and what my thoughts are on each dish.  First up their famous “pork oil mixed with noodles”. Yes that’s the direct translation.

Just didn’t satisfy me!

Looks kind of bland right? They make their own noodles so the texture was quite good. BUT MANNN something is missing (probably meat).

Next up – life boss’s wonton noodle dish.


The wonton was damn good. I will give you that too. but because I didn’t order this dish I didn’t finish it all which left me even MORE UNSATISFIED. Gawd, why didn’t I order more food here?

Then it hit me.

Yes. I should order more food. Let’s order some balls to satisfy my cravings (don’t think dirty).

Big fat juicy brown balls

Yep. These balls were nice, brown, juicy and round. I recommend these balls to everyone that is not satisfied from their meals here.

But even eating thee nice, brown, juicy round balls I still was hungry for more….

So I ate the obligatory veggie dish….

The vegetables

I was still so hungry after that meal. I wanted to eat at this kick ass pork noodle place but already had so much carbs. So I decided against it. Typing this 4 hours after the meal and let me tell you….


Why don’t I just go out for dinner right now? Because Life boss is taking a nap and I am just here chilling with my stomach grumbling. Things I do for life boss.



As you can tell this place is damn chaotic. Come early if you don’t want to have a boxing match with some local Hong Kongers here over a seat. Or come later whatever you fancy.

Just don’t expect a waiter / waitress leading you to a table, they will just look at you funny and tell you to f*ck off.

Bird View

What a tease. You were good, but you were not satisfying. It might be personal preference, but I just couldn’t get into you Ping Kee.


Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 30, 2017


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