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A trip to Tassie is not complete without visiting its capital, Hobart! Here are some of the highlights.

1. Mount Wellington
My Welli

We attempted to visit Mount Wellington for sunrise but guess what, that did not happen. Sunrises and winter are completely incompatible.

For the super fit peeps out there, there are hiking trails up to the lookout. Unsurprisingly we did not go with that option.

This is what the top looked like – this is how I would picture Mars to look.

my welli

Apparently you are supposed to be able to see Antarctica from the top – can you spot it?!

2. Battery Point

I love colonial buildings and Battery Point has quite the collection. It almost feels like I’ve been transported to the past.


Battery Point

If you happen to be in the neighborhood during meal time, make sure you try the pies and pastries here:


3. Richmond

Technically not part of Hobart, Richmond is a little colonial town very close to Hobart. It is a town with a large collection of Georgian buildings.


The most famous landmark is the Richmond Bridge which is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia!


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