We wanted to take le father out to a nice lunch in Uptown Toronto….

Which is mission impossible because we live up town and lord knows there ain’t good restaurants in Scarborough.

Or maybe there is and I am just too lazy to find it.

SO, if you know good eateries around Scarborough, Toronto let me know. I am DYING to expand my eating options up there.

So how did we end up at Good Catch Boil House? Well it was by random chance…we drove around aimlessly for 15 minutes until we arrived at this new plaza that I have never seen before. Shit, Toronto has changed so much.

Saw the seafood restaurant and said fuck it, let’s give this a try.

Was greeted by a friendly (cute) hostess who sat us down. Great service in my opinion.

Looked at the menu, and what did we order?


You are probably thinking “no shit’s a Seafood restaurant”.

Alright, to be specific we ordered:

  • Oyster burger – The oyster burger (to share) was dammnnnn interesting. Never had this before, was quite tasty.
  • Soft Crab Burger – The brother got the soft crab burger. Quite unique. Was told it was good as well.
  • Lobster Grilled Cheese – I got the Lobster Grilled Cheese. I only had ham and cheese before, so yes I got fancy with my fucking lobster grilled cheese sandwich. Again fucking delicious.Untitled
  • Pasta (no pictures!) – Father got the pasta which I didn’t take a photo of, because I didn’t think it was that good.

Overall great meal, great food, great service.

But what really “tipped” us over was the beef flight! For 11 bucks you get to choose to drink 4 different types of beer. Not too shabby this deal!

You can’t go wrong with drinks at lunch..


Good catch boil!


Written from Hong Kong, Home on February 23, 2018

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