Okay. Major click bait.

This post has nothing to do with Jessica Alba.

I need some more visitors to my blog so have to try everything you know? But with my luck I probably end up losing more visitors.

Alba Restaurant

Anyways,  you may have notice that there is a link under  “Alba”. That’s because the restaurant is called “Alba”.

Pretty smart and creative eh!? Alba for those that are wondering is a Spanish Buffet.

But what is a Spanish Buffet?………….

Probably a buffet that serves Spanish Food. Duh.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time I had buffet for lunch.  It ain’t good for my waist line yo!

Buffet Line
More food
The meatballs were shit
Chicken was quite juicy

Next question. Why do Filipinos love their buffet so much? Every other restaurant is a damn buffet. Let me google this shit.

Some of the points were as follows:

  • Value for money (cheaper)
  • Great to entertain guests (really?!)
  • Easy to split the bill (true)
  • More variety (true)

I can’t disagree with the above points to be honest. I used to love buffets, not anymore though can’t eat as much.

That being said………….

Our colleagues took us here, so if they like it, then we should like it too right?

Well hell yeah I liked it!

The buffet wasn’t too big so that’s good for my calorie intake, don’t have to eat as much. Food quality was pretty good too for a buffet.

Pretty Cool Interior

I had 3 glasses of Ice Tea that fucked me over royally (a lot of sugar).Finally……I hope I can meet Jessica Alba one day….

Written from Manila, Conrad Hilton on September 18, 2017

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