Hong Kong


I love Indian food.

One of my top cuisines to eat. I love the sauces, the naan, the rice. Just everything Indian makes me go crazy. Makes me want to eat, eat, eat!

As such I was super excited when Life Boss suggested we go try this Indian restaurant called New Punjab Club.

Could this be one of the “best” Indian restaurants in Hong Kong? Or I would walk away super disappointed and not impressed?

Not Impressed

Only one way to find out.

Off we went to the New Punjab Club.



We were immediately greeted with a smile by the hostess when we arrived.

I must really commend on the level of service the wait staff provided to us. The waiter was very patient in explaining the menu, what we should order, how much we should order. He also gave us some recommendations which we followed 100% – we were hung over from a night of drinking so didn’t want to think. 

Okay, so we got good service. Time to taste the food!


  • Up first, our grilled fish (think it was mutton). It came with a delicious sauce which complimented the fish very well. I am usually not a big fish person but man this shit was so fresh and light. Loved every bite of it. We are off to a good start. Untitled
  • The “fish burger”. Which is basically fried fish. Again, super fresh and delicious. Although, isn’t it a waste to fry fresh fish? That’s what le father taught me anyways. Still, can’t complain about this. Untitled
  • The tandoori chicken. You knew we had to order some type of meat right? Was it good? IT WAS GOOD. Tender chicken. Marinated thoroughly. Just delicious. Untitled
  • Our garlic naan. Mm…not the naan I am used to India. This was a bit too thick for my liking. I like my naan thin and flimsy. Although this could be the Punjab version of it. So I don’t know. I didn’t really like it so sorry, minus one point. Untitled
  • Our Dal. Life boss is a specialist on this dish so let’s ask her what she thinks. “It’s alright. Not the dal I am used to”.  Seems like life boss is not impressed with this either!Untitled
  • What the hell is this? Moving on. Untitled

So verdict time.

Even though the Naan and dal did not impress us, overall the fish and the tandoori chicken was too good.


Definitely this is one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong.

Now that this is Choi approved, you all need to visit okay!? Give them more business so that they don’t close down.

Because if they close I won’t be able to eat this deliciousness ever again.

And life boss – why it take you so long to take me here?



Written from Bled, Hotel Ribno on July 4, 2018

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