Luang Prabang


Choi is an early bird.

Early bird as in waking up at 630AM.

So maybe that’s why life boss thought it would be okay to wake up at fucking 5AM to go up Mount Phousi.

Life Boss, 5AM is not 630AM. 5AM is like 5 hours from when we went to bed. This is going to kill Choi, this waking up 5AM business.


But life boss doesn’t care.

Life boss wanted to be all romantic and shit and see the sunrise with Choi.

Alright fair enough.

So on the second day in Luang Prabang we woke up at 5AM, to go hike up Mount Phusi, to see the sexy sunrise and be all romantic and shit.


About Mount Phousi

Mount Phu Si is a very high hill in the town of Luang Prabang. One side of the hill has the Mekong river, the other side is the Nam Khan river.  At the top of the hill it overlooks the entire town and provides a great sun rise view (hence why life boss forced me to go), so this has become a tourist site.

There are about a hundred steps before you reach the top (oh fuck) but if you in shape, then no problem (Choi is not in shape). 


On your way up you will see monks that live there. They were already up and awake, doing chores. Damn, I don’t know how these guys do it. Waking up 5AM is like death to me already.

Exercising in the morning is so damn tough.

I mean I did not eat breakfast yet. And my body and mind is saying “fuck you! Go back to bed! You need rest!”


But still, since Life boss wanted some romance I had to give it to her.

Unfortunately, when we go to the top there was no sunrise.

Were you late?

Fuck no!

Then why did you not see it?

Because mother nature decided to be a bitch and go all foggy on our ass.



I hate you mother nature, I woke up early to see the sexy sunrise and you had to fart out some fog.

What a bitch.


Seriously, Life boss and I have not had a good run with sunrises.  That’s what I get for trying to be romantic.

Think Life boss was not happy either, she sat down and started pondering about life.



Oh well. Next time life boss.

On our way back down, life boss stopped and make this face:



What happened?

Was there an apocalypse?

An Earth quake?

Terrorist attack?


There was a rooster standing in front of her.

Oh my god. Seriously.


Written from Vang Vieng, Amari Hotel on May 16, 2018


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