When is a burger considered not worth it?

That was what was going through my mind when we were eating at this restaurant called Green Eggplant.

Green Eggplant? Who picked this restaurant? Obviously it was life boss….



This better not be some vegetarian shit was my original thought…and luckily it wasn’t. They sell a bunch of stuff, from burgers to chicken fingers.

Good. That was what I wanted.

Went online to read the reviews and saw that this place had one of the best burgers around!

Really!? Wow. Okay. Challenge accepted.

Ordered the burger and was not impressed by it.

These are some factors as to why I think the burger is not worth it.

1 – It was damn pricey

For 15 dollars this better be a burger that cures all sorts of diseases. Unfortunately this classic cheese burger did nothing for me. What the fuck is a burger 15 dollars now in Toronto!? So damn expensive…


2 – The patties were not juicy.

This probably should have been # 1 on the list. Come on! A burger should have juicy patties. My classic cheeseburger did not.  A bit dry actually…how are people saying this is one of the best burgers around?

Feel like people don’t know how to eat good food.

3 – The buns are too big

Maybe this is just my personal preference. I don’t like the buns on my burgers to big, feel like it overpowers the actual burger itself. Like the bun is not the main character of this you know? it’s the damn patties!

So yeah. Fail again.

How about you guys? What makes a burger not worth it for you?





Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2018

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