We initially wanted to go to this restaurant called Sova in Bled.

We were turned away the first night because they were packed. So we made reservations for the next day.

Thank goodness we did because this restaurant has a kick ass view of lake bled, AND great food!

Bled, Slovenia

We weren’t too happy with the service though. Didn’t think the waiter was that nice to me. But then we are in Eastern Europe so maybe that’s the norm? We also asked them where to find parking and they just said “everything is private parking here”.

Well fuck you too, that doesn’t help us at all.

Oh well. As long as your food is good right?


  • Our soup (If I recall correctly). Was damn good!Bled, SloveniaUntitled
  • My delicious pork ribs! So tender, came right off the bone!Untitled
  • Life boss got the mash potato with squid. To me it just looks like pure potatoes so yeah…she said it was damn good though. I did smell the truffles so I guess you can’t go wrong with truffles. Untitled
  • This is a lobster on mashed potatoes. It’s only for show, not to eat. Untitled
  • Finally the dessert. Creme Bruele!Untitled

Food was good.

Service during dinner was still meh. I had to chase the server a couple of times to get us drinks. Not cool.

Still the food is good!




Written from Toronto, Home on July 20, 2018


  1. Some places are aware of their good food and popularity so what does it matter if they are rude. Sigh.
    Armenia was probably the rudest place I have been to in regards to service.

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