Man bar food is changing a lot.

Wait why are you at a bar again Choi?

We were supposed to go to an Italian Place but had to wait for 30 minutes so fuck you.

We decided to go nearby bar restaurant called Yaletown distillery.

Immediately ordered beers and was delicious!


But man looking at the menu I realized how much bar food has changed. No longer do you just get burgers and fries.

Shit you can get now?

Singaporean fried noodles!

Paella! Paella! When was the last time you saw Paella at a bar. Probably never.

Stupid me ordered pizza because I thought that’s the safe order.

But nope, thank goodness for le mother and life boss because they got the Singaporean Fried Noodles and Paella which was so good!

I mean the pizza was not bad.

But their dishes kicked all our asses.







Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2018

Categories: Vancouver

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