Do you guys like biking!?

I am actually not a big fan of it.

Don’t know why. Just don’t like being on two wheels and have cars around me.

But when life boss said we should bike around Stanley it was too hard to pass up. Stanley Park is simply beautiful.


So what makes biking fun? Let’s look at the reasons!

1 – It’s exercise.

I need exercise so that’s good. Why? Because I am fat.


# 2 – It’s good for the environment.

Life boss keeps complaining I don’t do enough for mother nature and the environment so that’s good.


# 3 – Promotes closeness?

This is something life boss wanted. I wonder if its true though….She’s definitely more happy.


# 4 – Biking as a trend

A lot of my friends are into biking nowadays. It seems like it’s the cool thing to do now? Not sure.




That’s all the reasons I can think of hah. What are your reasons for biking?

Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2018

Categories: Vancouver

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3 replies

  1. Just being able to be more mobile and see more things more easily than walking, though I do walk a lot more than I bike 😊 Nice post, really nice pics! The mountain backgrounds are particularly nice I thought 😊

  2. Great post.

    To us it is to keep our bodies in good condition! in my country people love biking in winter in snow:

    Winter biking 3

    People bike to their Works, shopping and for fun.

    Have a wonderful day!

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