It’s our last dinner in Boston.

I was still full from our big ass lunch, we had a big ass pasta and a donut. Yes. We are on holidays so give me a break. I can eat whatever I damn want! However, the one problem with this is that Life Boss still wants to go out for a nice dinner. Damn. All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep because I am suffering from major itis. But, whatever life boss wants life boss gets. And that’s how we ended up at this restaurant called Barcelona.




Barcelona is a tapas restaurant. Typical Life Boss choice. Again, why do girls like to share food so damn much!? Although I guess for this particular instance it is a good arrangement for me as I was still full. Yes, small portions please. Life Boss really wanted to try this restaurant too. She instructed me to get reservations about a week prior to our trip. Of course I forgot. But still, we got seats.

This was literally how happy she was:


I have never seen her this happy before. Not even on our wedding day. This just proves how much love she has for good food. Because I was so full I let her order whatever she wanted. Not that I have a choice to be honest. She usually orders everything for us. She says she gives me the option of ordering, but every time I want to order fries or a burger or pizza she shoots me down and orders a salad.


It doesn’t make sense to me. Why do you like to give me the option of ordering what I want to eat only to reject me? Some kind of power play is it? Sigh. I don’t know. So without getting my opinion, Life Boss ordered potatoes, meat balls, parma ham, shrimp and Paella.

Parma Ham

The food wasn’t bad. Though I wasn’t particularly blown away. The meat balls were good though (as I recall it). The Paella also not too bad, though the rice was a bit hard. Yes, only chinese people know how to make good rice. There I said it. Okay. Don’t get mad non chinese people. I am chinese myself, so yes I am biased.  To be fair to the restaurant, I was still damn full so this meal probably would have tasted a lot better if I was actually hungry.

Written from Toronto, Home on April 27, 2019

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