My first ever live rugby game.

It was between the Toronto Wolfpack and the York City Knights. Yes who? I didn’t even know we had a rugby team until I heard it on the radio. Got hook ups from a buddy, day was perfect, and it was a Saturday. So sure why the hell not, let’s give this Rugby thing a try. Prior to the game I admit, I had to google what league the Wolfpack were in. Apparently they are part of the UK Rugby tier 2 league, trying to get to the super league (aka tier 1 league). I don’t know how promotions to the super league work. Please educate me someone.

The first time I saw rugby was in Australia, state of origin. It’s a pretty big deal, and is played between Queensland and NSW. I believe Queensland has dominated many years. I told life boss we should watch state of origin every year. It could be our thing. She didn’t seem too interested in it. I don’t think she likes sports in general. Sigh. Come on, pick up a sport!

Okay back to the wolf pack / knight game. So York City is from the UK, that’s one far ass trip to play a game. I don’t know how it works for the visiting team, but the Wolf Pack gets to stay in Toronto for a whole month. A whole month of home games! Shit. Nice. But then they are away for another month. I guess most of the players are from the UK / Australia? So Toronto is not even their home? So I guess it’s okay? I don’t know, I wish I knew more about this team. In terms of atmosphere, it was fucking great! There was a beer garden, with delicious craft beers in which we did not have any because you have to line up and buy stupid tokens first. Wtf. Why can’t I just buy it directly from the vendor. I ended up getting a huge ass hot dog plus cans of ACE Hill instead. It was still good.

The game was also great. The first half that was, maybe because it was a nice afternoon and a new experience for me. However, by the second half I found myself not really paying attention. Why? Because the score was fucking 50 – 4 (or some shit like that). The visiting team did not play in the offensive zone much. There is a limit too how much dominance you can have in a game, until it becomes unwatchable. I hope we get to the super league soon so there’s some competition! We thought about getting season tickets too…it’s sold out already!? Damn. This shit is popular. I guess a lot of European Canadians come here? I also don’t know how many downs you get…someone also please educate me….

Start of the game
Get some food!
A lot of people buying beer!
Aussie watching her national sport
Huge ass hot dog
The field or pitch?

Written from Toronto, Home on August 11, 2019

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