New York


Wow New York you have so many food options.

Another day where I bloated my own stomach with a lot of delicious food. This time, we killed our meals at Chelsea Market. We ate at three places in total. The first was a mexican food stall called Los Tacos No.1. I guess they are trying to tell the public their tacos are number 1. I ordered the pork and chicken taco. They really filled out the taco. I personally preferred the pork, felt like there were more flavor to the taco. Both were still good.

The second stop was at this noodle place called very fresh noodles. People are not really getting creative nowadays. But then I like simple and to the point. We ordered noodles (duh). What was the protein you ask? Lamb. Yes. I didn’t choose it, life boss did. Boy I was glad that she chose the dish. The soup based was super amazing! Almost like a hot pot soup base. If you never had hot pot before you won’t know the deliciousness i am trying to describe. So good.

The third stop was at Tings where I had jerk chicken with rice. I don’t know if I was super full by then, but I didn’t think it was that impressive. The spiciness was missing, and the chicken was not as juicy as the ones in Toronto. So sorry NYC, Toronto has better jerk chicken than you!

I loved my time at Chelsea Market, you should all give it a try.

Making our tacos
Los Tacos No. 1
Our tacos!
Lamb Noodles
These noodles were good
Very Fresh Noodles
Jerk Chicken

Written from Lexington Hotel, New York City on November 24, 2019

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