Well this was depressing.

Eating by myself in Montreal that is. I was there for a 2 day work trip, my staff decided to ditch me for family. Can’t blame her, family first. But choi being be choi, I didn’t do any research beforehand on food. So I was kind of stuck in the hotel. Plus I was getting lazy and tired, didn’t really want to go out and explore. Most importantly, and probably the deciding factor was that it was the Leafs home opener against the Sens. I can’t miss that shit! So I made an executive decision and decided to eat at the hotel bar.

The bar was busier than most hotel bars, with a lot of business visitors. I sat down, and ordered a poutine / pizza / beer. Yes.  I was damn hungry. After I ordered, my heart sank. Why? Because these fuckers were not playing the leafs game. I called the bartender over and told her I wanted to watch the leafs game. She said “no one wants to watch that”. Yes, definitely in enemy territory. But she still changed since no one was really watching the TV. For those that are wondering, yes we won.

Now how was the food? It was alright. The cheese curds in my poutine weren’t really melted, the pizza felt like it was frozen pizza. The beers were aight. But I didn’t have high expectations going in since it was a hotel bar. Still, got to watch the leafs and therefore it’s a win!

Mah Pizza
Lonely bar
My amber beer

Written from Hilton Garden Inn, Montreal on Oct 2, 2019

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