Is UFO your typical convenient store?

If having a damn restaurant in a convenient store is typical then sure. But I highly doubt you ever came across this kind of establishment. I was jogging many months ago, and saw this convenient store that was selling Pho. What the hell!? I quickly googled this restaurant, and both google reviews and Yelp (fuck yelp btw) had really good ratings for this restaurant. I remember snapping a photo of the restaurant and sending to life boss who was busy doing yoga classes (yes I have a great memory). I told her we must try this restaurant, and she said yes let’s.

1 year has passed and we never tried it. Until now.

UFO is a very low-key store / restaurant, from the outside you think this is some run down store that probably has shitty food. Once you go in though, you will see that this is a very down to earth local asian diner. They sell bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, you know the normal breakfast options. They also sell Pho. Yes, they sell Pho. I believe the staff were all viet, so I had high hopes for this restaurant. We ordered two large beef + beef ball noodles AND a banh mi sandwich. Yes, life boss was hangry.

The beef broth was amazing, totally legitimate. May possibly be the best broth I have had in Toronto. Meat was so-so, but still edible. The banh mi was not authentic (like the ones we ate in Vietnmam), but the pork itself was grilled to perfection. I may have to try to pork rice next time. Oh, we also want to come back to try the breakfast. The guy knew how to grill a bad ass bacon + eggs. LOVE THIS PLACE.

Le Menu
Menu on the wall
Pork Banh Mi sandwich
Our delicious beef soup
Closer look at the beef noodle
Humble entrance
I guess that’s the chef
I guess that’s where they made our sandwich
Life Boss munching

Written from Toronto, Home on August 17, 2019


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