Brunch time baby!

I know I complained before about not understanding the value of brunch. I mean it’s just stuck between breakfast and lunch. Well, I will don’t really get why it’s so popular, but I have been eating a lot of brunch because of life boss. This time, we had brunch at The Parlour.  The dishes were pretty delicious and tasty, quite flavorful. My only beef with this place was the portions. Small as fuck, and expensive as fuck. Not a good combination. They also didn’t have cream with their coffee which is a bummer. I believe I am lactose intolerant. I still had some milk anyways, can’t be drinking black coffee yo. That’s too hardcore.

I had the ribs skillet, which should be renamed as potato skillets because there wasn’t much meat. I forgot what life boss got, but her dish didn’t look impressive either. We ended the meal with french toast + nutella which was super good, but this was more of a dessert so yeah, I don’t know. Basically, the food was delicious but didn’t really suit us. So sorry, won’t be coming back!

Life Boss likes her sun flower
Life boss’…pizza?
My skillet
French Toast

Written from Toronto, Home on October 6, 2019

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