Life Diary


Day # 17…….

Nothing really special or interesting that happened today. Did you come here because you saw two TVs in my living room? Haha yes, I have successfully installed le man cave. Now I just need to figure out what each TV should do. I am thinking of the following allocation:
  • Big TV to watch TVB / cast sports (again no sports right now)
  • Smaller TV to play video games, to cast workout videos (yes getting into shape motherfuckers)

Seemed to be working really well on the first day.

Yes, I think about useless shit a lot. Problem?

Don’t be jealous.

On another note, I had a shitload of calls today. The amount of calls has gone up exponentially. I told my boss this is harder than doing actual work. Talking is damn tiring. I was so burnt out at the end of the day.

I had so much calls that I was only able to eat my world class sexy sandwich. Which isn’t that bad to be honest. I love my sexy sandwiches. Life boss would disagree (she thinks its disgusting).

She’s missing out for sure.

Future Choi that is reading this will be like…what the fuck is wrong with you.

Written from Toronto, Home on March 31, 2020

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