Life Diary


Well we got a new car.

For me? Nah get the fuck out of here. For life boss of course. She has been complaining forever about how I took her freedom away by buying a manual car. Apparently she can’t drive manual. Well actually, the truth is she can. She just doesn’t want to drive. Yes it’s a bit choppy, but if you can get off first gear then all is well in the world.

After several years of complaining we finally decided to get her a new car. She chose a cross trek. Interesting. I told her to get a big ass van but she told me to fuck off.

The crosstrek 2020 was pretty good (we got the sport edition). But man it’s slow as fuck. But we don’t have any problems getting on the highway so it’s probably just my issue.

I also get stressed when she drives.

She ran pass two stop signs in the first few days….sigh.

Hello new car
Life boss getting ready to risk our lives

Written from Toronto, Home on July 18, 2020 


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