Others – Introduction

Ah, the dreaded “Others” section. Don’t think a lot of people will venture this far into my blog. The posts here are one offs, and don’t have a common theme / topic.

I thought about deleting this section as it really gives no value to the website, not that anything here does. But, as I went through these old posts it gave me a quick laugh. These posts were dated all the way back to 2012 when I was still blogging in Tumblr, and the stuff I talked about then was quite different. So yeah, treat it like an archive of sorts.

I did manage to separate the Other section to two overall categories:

Food For Thought

As the title implies, these are posts that provokes a mental / emotional reaction from me. Yes that’s right, from me. I know it sounds selfish, but I like reading things that gets me thinking. Others might read these posts and say “HAH! Choi you are emo!”.

Well then fuck you!

I do hope to write a bit more challenging / deep posts in the future though…so maybe this might get revived in the future.


Literally, anything goes here. Don’t expect much to be updated here. Again, its more of an archive of my old posts.

Happy reading!


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