Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, Portugal

I had the luxury of working in Portugal last summer for two weeks. Not only was I able to meet a lot of great people, but I also saw some awesome sites!
the above picture is the Jerónimos Monastery, which has been declared at UNESCO World Heritage Site. The admission was only 10 Euros, which includes admission to the Torre de Belem which was also on my itinerary for that day so it was a pretty good deal!


Purchased my ticket and walked into the monastery, here’s an interior photo of the Monastery:


My first impression? This had a very European feel, which I guess made sense. I also saw a couple getting married here, which is great! Walked around for about 40 minutes, and then headed towards to the Belem Tower (15 minute walk from the monastery).

Belem Tower


This picture looks a bit gloomy now that I look at it again. Part of it is because of my filter, another reason is because that day was pretty gloomy. The sun wasn’t out much. Kinda looks spooky no? This is like a 4 story high building, and as a tourist that I am I walked through each level and snapped quite a bit of pictures. Fun fact: This was used historically as defense mechanism.

After walking through the Monastery and Belem, I was exhausted and hungry. So I went back to the city center of Lisbon and ate!



As some of you may know, I don’t eat much fish (except for sashimi), but man were these ever fresh and delicious. Lisbon is located near the coast, so they have access to fresh seafood. I was really full after this meal.

Lisbon Art


One beautiful aspect of this city is the wide acceptance of graffiti. I took a city bus tour and saw a lot of gorgeous artwork on various buildings. I really recommend anyone visiting this city to take some time to take in the artwork that is readily available throughout the city.

Tip: I hopped on this yellow bus tour which basically brings you around Lisbon, seeing different sites. I thought this was really helpful since I didn’t have to take a taxi. Further, for the sites that I wanted to skip I just needed to stay on the bus. However, the bus would still stop for about 5 minutes so i can still snap a photo or two of that particular area.

Lisbon’s been great! can’t wait for my next European adventure!


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