Top 5 cities that I want to visit in 2014!!

One of my goals this year is to travel more (for vacation)  and visit cities that I haven’t before.
So I have been thinking these couple of days where I’d like to visit.  Here’s my top  5 cities that I want to visit, but with a comment as to whether it will be probably or not. Nanjing Nanjing is a city in China, and used to serve as the Capital of China.  It is another historical city (You can probably tell I like cities with this trait).  You may also have heard about the tragedy that occurred in this city during WWII.

Anyways, this is definitely a doable city since it’s close to Hong Kong. Maldives A lot of my friends have visited Maldives, and judging by the pictures this island nation is absolutely stunning.   Problem is though, this is pretty far from Hong Kong.  Adding to the obstacle is the fact that I probably need someone to go with!  So for now, this may not be probable. Vietnam If you know me, then you will know I love Vietnamese Food.  Therefore going to Vietnam is only natural.  My coworkers have visited this country before and they gave rave reviews about it.  The downside is I do need to apply for a visa, which will increase the cost plus I will need to plan ahead of time if I do want to go.  However, this is definitely a probable destination, but will probably only occur after I visit Nanjing or Busan (see next section). Busan Having been to Seoul a couple of times now, I can say that I really like Korea.  I appreciate the culture, atmosphere and people that Korea has to offer therefore going to Busan is something I want to do.  I talked to my coworkers in Korea though, and they told me the best time to go is August, since July is rainy season.  This may be tough since I will be in Toronto the first week of August, and then I’ll be in China the rest of that month.  I’ll do some more research to see whether September is a good time to go. Rome Admittedly, not the biggest fan of Europe.  However, Rome is one historical city that I would love to visit.  One place I would want to see in Rome is the Coliseum.  But, Rome is located in Europe which is quite far away.  Further, the hotels in Rome (and in Europe in general) are quite pricey, making it unlikely that I will be able to visit this year. Are there any cities you want to visit this year?  If so leave me a note, it may also interest me and make me want to go there instead of the cities listed above!

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