One of the more famous local restaurants in Hong Kong! Tung Bo Restaurant!  This restaurant is located in the North Point Wet Market.  The actual address is as follows:

2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point


It’s very close to exit A in the North Point MTR station, so it’s very easy to get to.  For those who have friends that want to experience the local scene in terms of food and atmosphere, this is definitely the place to go to.

Let’s start off with the food.  For starters, you must order the chicken,  fried rice and clams (the clams were so fresh).  We also ordered sweet and sour pork (again because of me hehe), a couple of veggie dishes, and also minced meat.  The minced meat dish is one of my favorites because they give you these mini buns, you put ht minced meat into the bun so that it becomes a mini burger!

Aside from the great food, another awesome feature of this restaurant is how you drink your beer from.  When you order beer, you don’t drink from regular glasses.  You are given a frosted bowl to drink from!  I believe this is one of the attractions for this restaurant, because I mean you don’t seldom get to drink beer from a bowl!  The Chinese word at the bottom of the bowl means win, and apparently it’s a game to see who can finish the bowl of beer the fastest.  As such, I left this restaurant a little bit wobbly =p


I must also comment on the atmosphere of this restaurant.  Around 830 they start playing music.  The music ranges from 80’s Canto Pop, to the most current top hits.  There’s a variety of Korean and English songs.  The owners / waiters here really know how to get have a party, as they started dancing with the customers and drinking with them.  Even my co workers got into it! haha.  It was definitely a great night.

Tung Bo, one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong! Visit if you have a chance!

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