Taipei is a such a lovely place, but it is definitely not as hectic as Hong Kong. High level summary of Taipei? Lot’s of night markets, attractions, and great delicious food

Shilin Market  The first place we visited was the famous Shilin market. For those that don’t know, it is probably one of the most popular night markets in Taipei. I ate a lot of food here, including egg omelet with oysters, beef, vegetables, lamb and of course bubble tea. Here’s a couple more pictures: image Ximen image Ximen is a famous area for food and shopping. Therefore, after work me and the co worker decided to head over to Ximen. Here we had beef noodles, which is a must eat in Taiwan! image We walked around, and saw a lot of street performers. It was really cool and I enjoyed each performance. It’s the equivalent of Mong Kok in Hong Kong during the night. Check it out if you have time! Raohe night market image Another night market that we went to was the Raohe night market. Ate a lot of good food here as well, although it was quite similar to the food that I had in Shi Lin. Eating the same food, oyster/ egg, beef noodles, lamb, bubble tea etc. It’s a nice place, but its definitely smaller than Shilin. image Along the way we also saw this awesome Chinese chess set. As such, we started playing in the middle of the night market, generating quite a buzz with the people around us I must say. How I miss this game. image More food picturess of Raohe. These are probably chicken feet, intestines etc etc. image and then finally, at the end of the RaoHe night market there is this gorgeous temple!! Snapped a photo and went back to the hotel. That’s it for now! Good Night! [Original post September 2013]

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