Great view from the top of Elephant Mountain in Taipei!  Decided to hike elephant mountain since I wanted the exercise, and also wanted a great view of the city. It’s also really easy to get to.  Only a 20 minute walk from the MRT station. Can’t comment enough about this mountain, just stunning view.  A lot of people were also waiting here since the late afternoon, all trying to get a good photo of the city.   Here’s a  more pictures:



It took me about 30 minutes to climb up to the top of the mountain, but those that are more fit probably can make it up a lot faster.  Be careful though, the steps  do get really steep, so take your time!

National Museum


This is the National Museum, where a lot of the furniture from the old Dynasties in China are kept.  To be honest, not my cup of tea.  Although there were ancient furniture, and different kind of jades here I just wasn’t as interested.  Spent about 30 minutes here and left to my next destination.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Headed over to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. For those that don’t know he was the man that started the revolution against imperial china.  Had a really good time reading about the historical facts that are readily available here.


Big statue of Sun Yat Sen.  The people were all gathered here as there was a ceremony going on, being carried out by the Taiwanese soldiers.  The ceremony is basically changing of the guards.  It lasted about 15 minutes?  A lot of people gathered and was taking pictures / videos of the process (which happens every 30 minutes).  So I recommend getting a good spot 10 – 15 minutes earlier.


This is a pretty awesome picture of him.


It was a very good ay, so took a snapshot outside the memorial hall.  The tallest building is 101, in which I have yet to visit!

That’s it for part 2! Stay tuned for Part 3!!

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